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Questions to Consider When Moving to a New City

There is a lot to consider when moving, especially when moving cities and/or states. Believe it or not we have seen people move to Crested Butte and decide they don’t like the cold and the snow. So, below are a few questions to ask yourself and things to research...

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Eco Friendly Upgrades

     When it comes to upgrading your home it’s always difficult to decide where to start or what will stay trendy. Something that is not going away is having an eco-friendly home. There are several benefits to making these upgrades as well. It can save you money on...

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Activities for Kids

          Crested Butte has so much to offer, but sometimes with kids in tow, it can be challenging to figure out what to do. So, we’ll go over some activities that are kid-friendly for different seasons. Crested Butte is known for some extreme mountain sports, but...

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