Buying & Building a House Articles

Lenders in Crested Butte

  The greatest part of living in Crested Butte is having a network of people that can help you. Below is a list of local lenders that we enjoy working with! Benchmark Mortgage The Crested Butte Bank and Trust Community Banks of Colorado Fidelity Mortgage- Michelle...

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Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances can make a huge impact when selling a home. According to consumer reports an upgraded kitchen can boost the sale price of your home 3% to 7%. While those numbers look great it’s important to note that those numbers aren’t guaranteed. You also might...

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Building a Home

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to building a house. For starters it’s good to understand where you’re building. Do some research on how hard or easy it might be to build there. When it comes to building in the mountains it can be more expensive...

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