There is a lot that goes into getting your property ready to be listed, but what about getting ready for a showing? Below is a list of tips on how to get ready for a showing and best practices.

  • Make sure everything is clean and organized. It’s not always an easy task, but it helps to have the conversation with your broker and make sure showing instructions gives you enough time beforehand to have everything ready to go.
  • Make sure pets are taken care of. Taking pets to a daycare, to a friend or family member’s house or take them with you! It’s a lot easier to show property when pet’s aren’t around.
  • Don’t forget about the closets! It’s easy to think just throw everything in the closet and call it a day. However, the potential buyers will want to see how big the closet space is.
  • Make the house smell nice! Be aware of how your animals might make it smell or what you cook for dinner the night before.
  • Don’t forget about the outside! Make sure everything is clean and looking nice as potential buyers are coming up to the house as well.